About Pacific Poems

Computer_keyboardThis little enterprise has been a long time coming.

For years, I’ve felt the gnawing desire to begin a little collection of poetry. It’s always a fun business – these relaxed moments of sitting down with a pen or keyboard to craft little bits of meaningful verbiage. I’ve got it in my blood, I think. My great-grandfather was a dedicated poet. He fashioned so many limericks and lines of various forms that he was able to build a small anthology and have it published. His work had the feel of a twinkle in the eye, a clever pun here, a saucy line there.

My mother carried the torch still further. Her lines are thoughtfully assembled, often carefully metered, usually of religious themes. She continues to write today, or at least I think she does. Averse to publication, she keeps most of her work away from inspecting eyes. I hope she is keeping a collection that can one day form part of her legacy.

And such is the timeless nature of poetry, and I suppose of writing in general. It lives on. Preserved by the right mediums, writing can speak far beyond the life of its author. I suppose that might be part of the purpose for starting this online anthology. I want more than a notebook filled with words meaningful to me – only to have them lost in a box somewhere for decades everlasting. No, I’m not seeking the fame or attention of the masses – thus my anonymity. But I do want to make my work available to readers the world over. And on online medium seems just about the right tool for this task.

What forms will my poetry take? On what themes will I croon on about? Only God knows. What I do know is that the crafting of poetry can be deeply spiritual – regardless of subject matter. It forces the artist to slow down, to take it all in, to reflect deeply on one’s existence and relationships. It’s just good for the soul.

I hope that as you peruse my work and enjoy some of my pieces the experience will be good for your soul as well. Thank-you for visiting.


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