You’re Home

My car pulls into the driveway
the engine stops, my mind keeps running
Events of the day all clamour for replay
Emails, conversations, countless other obligations
and work that should have been done yesterday

Tired and hungry I gather my things
“Summoning all available energy units”
to complete this next level
to be a husband, stepdad, human being
I open the door, and there is my wife.

My fingers pass across your back
and a tingle ripples through me
a sudden surge of emotion
a love that washes over
as your eyes say You are home.

It’s something about your presence
as my arm wraps you up
and I pull you smiling into me
nestling in your hair, inhaling your smell
whispering soft things in your ear.

This is all I need
this woman right here in my arms
the deadlines, pressures, disapproval
they all fade into irrelevance
as your love tells me I am home.


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