You’re Home

My car pulls into the driveway
the engine stops, my mind keeps running
Events of the day all clamour for replay
Emails, conversations, countless other obligations
and work that should have been done yesterday

Tired and hungry I gather my things
“Summoning all available energy units”
to complete this next level
to be a husband, stepdad, human being
I open the door, and there is my wife.

My fingers pass across your back
and a tingle ripples through me
a sudden surge of emotion
a love that washes over
as your eyes say You are home.

It’s something about your presence
as my arm wraps you up
and I pull you smiling into me
nestling in your hair, inhaling your smell
whispering soft things in your ear.

This is all I need
this woman right here in my arms
the deadlines, pressures, disapproval
they all fade into irrelevance
as your love tells me I am home.



A little girl
Born of love
With future bright
Filled with laughter
Enjoying play
Embracing life

Becoming woman
The bleeding came
With some fanfare
But never left
This rite of passage
Would never stop
Incredulous at first
Hidden horror
Permanent pain
Silent shame

This flow defined her
Discredited by family
Disdained by friends
Dismissed by men
Denied the temple
God seemed silent
Invalid entry

Of many physicians
Touched only by strange men
With stranger solutions
Unable to help her
She suffered greatly
At their incapable hands
Their familiar disgust
This must be God’s doing
The sin of your parents
Her resources exhausted
Broke and broken
Her emotions numb

12 years of sorrow
Rumours flew
Of a rabbi from Nazareth
Teacher of thousands
Provider of bread
Calmer of storms
Healer of the blind
Physician of the lame
Could healing be found
In the touch of his hands

Pressed by urgency
She entered the crush
The teeming masses
Clamouring for attention
They would quickly turn on her
If they knew her secret shame
Nothing to lose
She pressed forward

The packed procession
Was headed her way
There he was
This rumoured rabbi
Now in sight
Amid the noise
The busy commotion
The jostling bodies
She nudged toward him
Heart pounding
Doubts screaming
Fingers shaking
Twelve years of pain reached out
Stretching for deliverance

Fingers made contact
The change was instant
The impact was visceral
Power poured into her
Alone in the crowd
They were oblivious
She could feel it
In ripples
Her body awakened
Her suffering over
Her stigma removed
Her hope reborn
Light poured in
Tears streaming
Heart rejoicing

Who touched me?
The rabbi had stopped
The crowd surprised
The bedlam reduced to a whisper
Onlookers expectant
Somehow he knew
His gaze took her in
She was discovered
How would he respond
Would he call her out
Would he recall the gift
Would he demand payment
Used to humiliation
Used to rejection

She edged through the crowd
Toward the rabbi
Toward the light
Toward the power
A secret no more
She crept forward in fear
Falling down before him
Kneeling in worship
Confessing everything
Her undeservedness
Her silent shame
Her agony

Finally safe
He took her arm
No fear
No condemnation
Gently helping her up
His eyes embraced her
His love washed over her
And then his first word to her



*see Mark 5:24-34

Just a Rainy Day

The skies are dark and full of rain
The wind is out in force.
We’re not inclined to leave the house
This day will pass indoors.

Time is delicious when it slows
All options on the table.
Our cozy home is full of life
We do what we are able.

We’re all at home for this spring break
So homework sits on pause
These are times for quiet naps
for reading, games, and saws.

There was a time when days like these
would strike me as depressing
I’d leave my cold dark basement suites
To make the silence lessen.

But that was then and this is now
I’ve moved from D to M.
A leap was made, as were some vows
And singles became one.

Two years wed, and kid you not
I’m still a boy in love.
This bubble simply will not pop
You’re clearly from above.

Your smile says Boy, I love you
Your eyes say I do care
Your body tells me I’m your man
Your kiss is medium rare.

Three years ago I studied you
but little did I know
The host of ways that you’d improve
my life, my joy, my soul.

Despite the rain’s best efforts
My spirits will not dampen.
Beside the fire I wrap you up
My heart at peace. Content.